Shooting Fish

starring Dan Futterman, Stuart Townsend, and Kate Beckinsale

written by Stefan Schwartz and Richard Holmes, directed by Stefan Schwartz


SHOOTING FISH is a very light comedy that takes a dumb plotline and makes it fun. Dan Futterman (THE BIRDCAGE)and Stuart Townsend are con artists who pull off clever scams to take from the rich and give to...themselves? They have help from an engaged secretary (COLD COMFORT FARM's Kate Beckinsale)who catches both of their eyes. From there, the once clever script becomes totally predictable. But in SHOOTING FISH's case, that is no problem. THE FULL MONTY's production designer Max Gottlieb (no relation)designs this film so well that it sets a jolly tone. I was totally entertained by SHOOTING FISH. But, contrary to the poster, SHOOTING FISH is no love story, it is infact not much of a story. But fun prevails as always. SHOOTING FISH is highly entertaining, but I will expect much more next time I see a British comedy. B-

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