Jim Lindberg-vocals
Fletcher Dragge-guitar
Randy Bradbury-bass
Byron McMackin-drums

Pennywise is a punk rock band from Hermosa Beach, California, home of the Descendents, Black Flag, and the Circle Jerks. Pennywise was named after a character in the Stephen King novel "IT". In the novel, Pennywise is an evil clown who can look into people's souls and see their worst fears. The only way to stop it is to confront that fear. They formed in 1988 and recorded "Word From The Wise". They then recorded "Pennywise", "Unknown Road", and "About Time". Then tragedy struck and bassist Jason Matthew Thirsk died of a self-inflicted gunwound. This left a hole in the band but they moved on and released "Full Circle" in 1997 which includes a live, in the studio version of "Bro Hymn", a song originally recorde on "Pennywise". Pennywise plays with meaning and a positive message. Let's hope a new album is on the way.


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Pennywise About Time Full Circle